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Pipeline Equipment - Internal Line up Clamps


These type of pipeline equipment machines are usually used in certain yard where oil and gas pipeline are. The internal pneumatic line-up clamp is a machine which is built and used specifically for the line-up and centering of the oil and gas -pipeline tubes ,normally used under standard diameters. The line-up and the centering of the pipes are necessary for a good welding.

The machine mainly is manufactured of a tubular frame with an ogival shape, it has a brake system with two round chucks circular compound of pistons. Once the clamp is positioned and stay there till the end of its use, it is positioned by a direct handling control or by a push rod (supplied with the clamp); the pistons of the two chucks are activated. The machine is fed by an air tank and all its motion, i.d. the translatory motion  along the pipe the radial one of the circular parts, depends from the air-pump feeding. 

The clamp can be controlled directly on the machine or by a control rod.

We supply a range from 4 inch up to 80 inch


  • The clamp can be arranged in pneumatic or electro pneumatic version

  • In the electro-pneumatic version the clamp is provided with a cable remote or wireless

  • The clamp can be provided with purge system on customer's request.

  • The clamp can be arranged with stainless steel pads for work with stainless steel pipes.

  • The clamp can be arranged with a Breaking System.

  • We can supply Copper and Ceramic shoes for all brands.



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